Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Foreign Aid Reaches USA

Yep, the most powerful nation on the planet even needs a little help from friends every now and then.

Since I don't have a TV, I have not seen any of the TV news reports about Katrina and the awful conditions in New Orleans and in the Gulf Coast. My mom, who doesn't normally comment about the news or enjoys speaking on the phone, talked for over 10 minutes about the disaster and her shock that Italy is giving aid to the US for the first time. According to a CNN report at least 94 foreign countries and organizations have offered aid to the US.

The Rueters photo (on the right) appeared in China Daily to show Relief Materials from China Heading to the US.

Hat tip to Minstrel Boy for posting Mexican Army Convoys Bringing Aid to U.S..

In today's Washington Post, Elizabeth Williamson writes,
Matching offers of aid -- from Panamanian bananas to British engineers -- with needs in the devastated region is a laborious process in a disaster whose scope is unheard of in recent U.S. history, especially for a country more accustomed to giving than receiving aid.
Read more Offers of Aid Immediate, but U.S. Approval Delayed for Days

Peter Ford of The Christian Science Monitor writes, "From Sri Lanka to France, emergency relief is sent, but tinged with criticism of US handling of the disaster." Read more here.

Read about The View from Spain at Katrina Rage Blog, (also links to articles and op-ed pieces)

Frankly I am amazed and pleased at the foreign reaction to the disaster. After treating friends and foes like crap, (in regards to the environment, the war of terrorism, immigration, etc), we see an outpouring of support. That we need it reveals our current economic crisis, in part at least. The US government and the Bush Administration must be embarrassed by the need we have, but a little humility won't hurt us at all.


At 6:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, this is not the most appropriate posting for me to establish contact with you, but it's the latest and who knows who will write back, so here goes: Hello, Peterson. You have continued to stalk me long past what I am used to, and for that, I am grateful.

I've been blathering on to people about meeting you and the show and the experience, and have intended to be in touch, but you know how these things are. So I appreciate you taking the first step.

As for the item at hand, I have to admit that I was glueed to CNN a lot for the last week... it's something I swore not to do, particularly after 9/11, because really, CNN lies a lot, and does not hesitate to brainwash. But the images are quite rivetting, it's been fun watching Dubya scrambling to justify himself and appear to be even more the boob that we have grown to loathe.

I'm even more excited about his mom's recent interview about the situation:

You can see how Dub was influenced in his growth years...

Arrrgh... anyway, how are you? Glad you made it back from SK alive.

At 3:49 AM , Blogger Willie Hewes said...

The offfers of emergency rations and materials makes sense, no country has those laying around on such a large scale that it'd be enough in a situation like this.

It does surprise me that the red cross here (UK) is asking for money for the US though. I'm sorry, but I'm not giving, horrible as it all might be.

The Bush administration's shocking incompetence has been adequately demonstrated. I think he should resign.

At 12:12 PM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

Rick, Hey man, good to hear from you. Once I find that Kairos CD, I'll locate your e-mail and drop you a line unless you get to me first. You can contact me through

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